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Some secrets should be lost to the veil of time...

A group of dangerous space pirates have hidden in the abandoned Neoterica Research Facility, built into the side of a huge asteroid. The facility is very dangerous, the home of many fearsome monsters and failed experiments. Valuable relics and technology exist in the facility but most adventurers are too scared to even try and enter it.

You are Nix, the only bounty hunter tenacious enough to enter the facility and take down the pirates. Use your special abilities as a Caniden to make your way deep into the facility, capture the pirates, and discover the secrets of The Paradox Relic!



  • A cast of colorful anthropomorphic animal characters to meet, and deadly space pirates to track down and defeat.
  • Explore the abandoned Neoterica Research Facility, with many unique environments, dangers, valuable artifacts, and secrets. Access new areas as your abilities grow.
  • Piece together the mystery of what happened to the facility as you speak to friendly characters, read computer terminals, and discover lost technological artifacts.
  • An array of unlockable abilities that increase your combat skills and allow you to access new areas.
  • A roster of deadly monsters to fight.
  • 7 intense and hand-crafted boss battles!
  • Flash based saving! (For the cartridge version) No worries about losing your save due to a dead save battery. (Saving compatible with emulators that support it, or skip the save points and use emulator save states.)
  • An alternate ending for determined explorers!
  • General-audience friendly. Designed with the same standards a real NES game would have faced in the approval process.
  • Alternate rom versions:
    - Everdrive: Increased hardware and emulator compatibility traded for in-game saving disabled. (Emulator save states still work).
    -No Flash: Modified version of the rom that is safer to play if you may experience seizures from flashing/pulsing lights. Replaces possible triggers with static images.



This game is provided as a ROM file in the .nes format. It will not run as an independent EXE. To play the game, you will need a mapper 30 compatible NES emulator. I personally recommend MESEN, FCEUX, or Retroarch as they emulate the game most accurately.


Available Files


  • Nix: The Paradox Relic DEMO ROM file.

Basic ($10.00 or more) :

  •  Nix: The Paradox Relic ROM file
  • Playable with any NES emulator that supports mapper 30
    (Tested with MESEN, FCEUX, and Retroarch)
  • NES style PDF manual with additional watercolor and copic illustrations

 Premium ($12.00 or more):

  • Concept art pack - A folder with various pieces of art created during the games development.
  • Original Game Soundtrack (14 chiptune tracks)



  • Dustin Huddleston - Game Design, Programming, Character design, Pixel art, Soundtrack, Story.
  • Jamie Huddleston - Concept Art and Debugging.
  • Joe Granato - NESMaker Game engine
  • NESMaker Community:
    Special thanks to all my friends in the Nesmaker community for their guidance and support during the games development.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

NixParadoxRelic_V1_9.nes 512 kB
NixParadoxRelic_V1_9_Everdrive.nes 512 kB
NixParadoxRelic_V1_91_noFlash.nes 512 kB
Nix_Manual.pdf 5 MB
Game_Guide.txt 9 kB
License.txt 966 bytes
ConceptArt.zip 26 MB
if you pay $6 USD or more
Nix_Soundtrack.zip 25 MB
if you pay $6 USD or more

Download demo

NixParadoxRelic_PublicDemo_V1.2.nes 512 kB


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Thank you CutterCross for the help with this one!
Version 1.9 of Nix is updated with more efficient sprite handling, so sprite flickering should be greatly reduced across the entire game.
Grab the new version above!

Uploaded new files:
NixParadoxRelic_V1_8 + Everdrive version.
This fixes a pretty bad bug found by a few players that could get you stuck just after the final boss battle. Thanks to Dale_Coop for help fixing this one!

Uploaded new files:
NixParadoxRelic_V1_75 + Everdrive version
This is a very small update, fixing the collision on one tile in a boss room that wasn't properly marked as solid.

Uploaded new files:
NixParadoxRelic_V1_7 + Everdrive version
Fixed some stability issues near the end of the game.

(1 edit)

I uploaded a new file:

This version is to resolve compatibility for those who want to play the game on an Everdrive or any other device not compatible with mapper 30 games.
Please note: It is likely in-game save points will not function in this version. Use save states.

Based on feedback, I made a few changes.
There were a few areas that you could glitch out of bounds if you jumped just right. Not easy to pull off, but possible to softlock yourself in a wall or out of bounds.
I added some warps to the game, so that if you DO manage to get yourself into a soft-lock situation it should automatically teleport you to a safe place.
This version is 1.6

Version 1.5 is available now. With this version of the game I am switching out of early access and into public release, as i feel it has been thoroughly stress tested.
If you DO happen to run across a bug, please let me know.

Fixed a rare bug that could teleport you out of bounds if you let the timer run out on a certain screen. New version is 1.4

Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback!
Looks like I forgot to enable animation on a few background tiles in version 1.2. This didn't affect gameplay in any way, but I went ahead and fixed it. You can download version 1.3 now.